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14 Days Ayurveda Weight Loss Programme 

Duration of treatment 14 days


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Therapies Used in the Programme


Abhyangam is a popular body massage in ayurveda and is effective in conditioning the body.

Sneha Panam

Medicated Ghee is given according to the digestive power of the patient. 


Udwartanam or Powder massage is a special therapeutic massage in which herbal powders like Udwartanam are used to massage the body against the direction of the hair follicles with more pressure.

Dhanyamla Dhara

A therapy which includes pouring of medicinal liquid over different body parts. 


Vasthi (pronounced Vasti) is a treatment to eliminate toxins in digestive tract through use of a medicated enema.

Podi Kizhi
A type of Ayurvedic massage treatment with herbal powder

Ayurveda programme in Kerala dedicated to weight reduction that spans 14 days and provides the basis for a continuous process of body management and stabilising your weight. For people who suffer from weight management issues: the constant need to diet, the poor self-image, and the health problems associated with obesity, make the need to manage their weight both important and challenging. As all of us know, if you walk into a bookshop there are thousands of books offering advice on good diet. The foundation concept in ayurveda is the tridosha theory which identifies any individual as containing either one or a combination of the three doshas. Any diet proposed needs to take into account your type and how your type responds to different types of inputs.

This weight reduction programme can never be specified before the arrival as so much will depend on the diagnosis by the doctor. The programme we have described below should be understood as typical but not necessarily prescriptive. Your program is almost certainly going to vary from the one we have described and that will depend on that first meeting between yourself and the Doctor.

Purpose and Outcomes

The purpose of this program is to help you rebalance to start a process whose outcome is that you are the correct weight. That takes time. You won't get there in 14 days as you well know but during the course of these 14 days you can build the foundation that will lead to the desired outcome. That is what this is all about.

Typical Programme for Weight Reduction

  • Day 1: Consultation & Prakrithi Analysis,  Abhyangam, Snehapanam &  Steam Bath
  • Day 2 , 3 , 4 : Abhyangam, Snehapanam, Udwarthanam & Steam bath.
  • Day 5, 6, 7 : Abhyangam, Snehapanam , Dhanyamla Dhara & Steam bath.
  • Day 8 : Purgation & Abhyangam
  • Day 9 , 10, 11: Abhyangam, Udwarthanam & Snehavasthy
  • Day 12, 13, 14: Abhyangam, Podi kizhi & body pack.

Your Typical Day

Each day you will receive about two hours of treatment, the details of which you can see in the table above. You will also be able to undertake yoga twice a day and your meals will be designed specifically for you as part of the programme. There are opportunities for exercise which can be structured for you at the health centre or can simply be activity that you enjoy undertaking. There is ample time for you to simply relax and think in the wonderful and tranquil environment beside the lake: simply watch the world go by.

Your day starts early with yoga before breakfast. Our yoga is not intended to overstretch you but is designed as a relaxing complement to the rest of your weight reduction programme. Anyway, it is a wonderful way to start the day.

The Big Question - How much Weight...

The most popular question that we are asked by prospective visitors is how much weight will I lose. It seems the most obvious and relevant question, but it is also the wrong question! This is the traditional question that arises around a diet and it presupposes that the solution to obesity is just to lose weight through some technical method rather than asked the question why do I have this problem.

As you will have read above, I your vendor does not see obesity as a diet question but relates it to body type and lifestyle and in seeking to change the latter, it looks to change the whole framework of your obesity. If you are serious about losing weight and looking for a long-term solution rather than a quick fix, then this program could be the one for you. Hopefully, it will also release you from the chain of numbers, so that you stop asking the question how many kilos will I lose as though that is the measurement, but rather ask the question how will I lead my life so that I naturally achieve an appropriate weight for me.


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